Content Marketing, Tech PR
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Content Marketing

TechTHiNQ’s technology content marketing services range from writing bylines, blog posts, newsletters and whitepapers to distribution in earned and social media, focused on results that maximize your return on investment.

We start by identifying your end goal, then work backwards to determine the best mix of strategies and tactics to achieve it. Our team members roll up their sleeves and immerse themselves in your business as if it were their own.

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Public Relations 

Our savvy high tech public relations professionals know how to get you in front of the right media at the right time. From national trade and business publications to local press, we know how to approach influential journalists with timely and relevant stories. 

We’ll lead you through the message development phase – from drafting to testing and refining – to make sure your message is clear, concise and colorful. We tailor your message for each of your key audiences, and help you back it up with solid proof points. To make sure you deliver your message succinctly and confidently, we’ll media train your spokespeople to deliver your message in both print and broadcast venues.

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Communications Strategy 

Communicating effectively depends on having a solid foundation, including a communications plan that serves as a living document. It frames content marketing and media activities and clarifies your priorities and resources.  We'll start our engagement by defining your target audience and developing personas in order to craft the best customer experience possible.  Next, we'll take you through a session that will result in clear, colorful and concise key messages that speak to each of your stakeholders in the most relevant tone of voice.  Finally, we'll help you determine the best platforms to use to tell your story; what your criteria, processes, and objectives are for each one; and how you will connect them so that they create a cohesive brand conversation.