Social Media and Your Brand

By Jillian Carapella

Social media strategy is essential for any business. It provides an easy method for clients to keep up with your brand and serves as a tool for reaching new customers. But with so much content floating around the internet, it’s critical for businesses to follow some basic rules for updating on social media. TechTHiNQ recently had the opportunity to attend a few social media branding sessions at Galvanize, and here’s what some of Phoenix's experts had to say:

The golden rule of social media is to not post anything that you wouldn’t want to be printed on a billboard with your face on it. Make sure that you are proud of your content to the point where you wouldn’t mind if your grandmother saw it. Ask yourself, how will my audience perceive this post, and does it add value to my brand?

It’s also important to understand how often to post to each social channel. According to Social Media Consultant Kirti Dwivedi, the following posting schedule is recommended for most brands:

·      Facebook: 1-2 posts per day

·      Twitter: Up to 15 tweets per day

·      LinkedIn: 1 time per day

·      Instagram: 1-2 times per day

·      Pinterest: Up to 11 pins per day

However, Dwivedi noted some exceptions to these guidelines. For an exciting event, up to four posts on Instagram is okay, but any posts after that will begin to show less and less engagement. Also, if your business doesn’t have much content (ex. a concrete company), post less often than if your business is more exciting. Dwiveldi also noted to strive for 8-10 percent organic engagement, as it’s too obvious when brands start buying likes and followers. Getting likes or follows from irrelevant sources, or using ill-fitting hashtags to increase likes or follows does nothing to further your brand.

But as every social media marketer knows, getting organic engagement isn’t always easy, but despite its difficulty, increasing organic engagement is always possible. Some ways in which marketers have been successful in increasing engagement include using an authentic voice and being intuitive; when you focus on being true to who you are, the right audience will take notice. It’s easy to get caught in the trap of being overly professional and corporate on your business accounts, so using your own, unique voice will help you to stand out. Other helpful tips include balancing promotional content with engaging content, using relevant hashtags, reposting other brands and asking for feedback from peers.

We all know that social media can be difficult and time-consuming, but when your business plays by the basic rules of social media updating, it has a solid foundation for creativity to take over. Trust your inner voice, and don’t view social media as a corporate, promotional chore. And when something doesn’t work, simply try something new next time. After all, social media can be fun.  

Jillian Carapella