Having trouble creating quality content? Ask yourself these 10 simple questions

By Jillian Carapella

From posting on social media to writing articles, opportunities to create creative and engaging content are abundant. But although content marketing seems straightforward in theory, marketers know that successful content creation is the result of much trial, error and experience. With so much information being generated and processed every second, it’s critical that your brand’s content pushes past the clutter.

If you’re struggling to create content worth sharing, ask yourself these 10 simple questions to help get you started:

Alec Robertson
Tailor your website content to boost SEO

By Jillian Carapella

Developing a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy has become a necessary practice for brands who want to generate traffic, and eventually leads, via Google. To be found amidst the endless clutter on the world’s largest search engine, learning SEO is critical. Here are six simple tips to help put you on the right path to digital success:

Linda Capcara
Content Marketing Strategies: The Do’s and the Don’ts

By Maia Lopes-Gilbert

Some people believe the content marketing industry is still developing, while others believe we should already be thinking about what’s next. Regardless of which boat you find yourself in, both sides seem to agree on what makes a good content marketing strategy. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you become an effective content marketer:

Alec Robertson
Activating the 21st Century Marketing Funnel

By Alec Robertson 

When you think of a funnel, you immediately think of a space that get smaller and smaller and eventually ends at a certain point. A marketing funnel demonstrates the same concept, but the end point expresses the desired result for a potential customer engaged by a marketing campaign. It essentially has five  levels beginning with cold prospects, that turn into leads, become first-time buyers and finally transform into multi-buyers or brand loyalists.

Alec Robertson