Our Edge: Marketing, Public Relations & Business Strategy


TechTHiNQ offers a broader set of content marketing and public relations services than other agencies because solving business problems typically requires a mix of capabilities. Our services span content marketing, public relations, and communications strategy so we can use the most effective mix of tools to solve each client’s unique needs.

We put a senior team on every piece of business. An important distinction is that our partners are senior strategists, advisors and team leaders. With a wealth of real world Tech iQ, they can quickly shape complex matters, whether it’s a product, a service or a situation into clear and compelling stories that connect at a human and emotional level with global target audiences.

Our client-friendly business model provides clients with a high degree of flexibility in the range of content marketing and public relations services and scope of engagement.  We have no artificial caps on hours worked or level of effort because our goal is to make our clients wildly successful. There won’t be any “unpleasant surprises” on the monthly invoice because we are open and transparent. Clients can feel free to engage us as deeply as they wish, without worrying about hours or billing rates.

To learn more about our high impact content marketing, PR & communications strategy programs, please contact us today.