Technology Communications Strategy

Many other marketing & PR agencies can’t offer technology communications strategy services…we can.

We have experience leading, developing and managing a large technology business unit – growing share, developing new products and entering and wining in new segments. TechTHiNQ can help large, medium and early-stage companies solve knotty business challenges.

Are you facing some of the following business challenges?

  • Not hitting the numbers…right products, team, marketing and sales
  • Demonstrate business value to get needed funding
  • Plan to reach the exit strategy
  • Balance skills and spending mix
  • Position the company to be considered a top-tier player
  • Find new opportunities to continue growth
Technology Communications Strategy Services
  • Channel development
  • Internal marketing programs
  • Competitive analysis
  • New market segments analysis
  • Corporate positioning
  • Organizational structure
  • Ecosystem and partner strategies
  • Organizational alignment
  • Employee communication programs
  • Pricing strategy
  • Employee morale programs
  • Product strategy
  • Growth strategies
  • Sales process & programs
  • Industry influencer programs
  • Skills assessment & modeling

Addressing these kinds of challenges requires someone with the insight and leadership that can only come from having “been there, done that.” If you are facing any of these or other technology communications strategy challenges, please contact us.